Student working through a workshop

Workshops & Schedule

Learn more about yourself and your leadership values, as well as how to be successful in school and campus life at WSU.  Cougs Lead participants are required to attend at least 7 workshops before the program ends to complete the program. No workshops will run through school holidays or vacations. 

Workshops are Mondays from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Butch's Den on CUB Lower Level. Weekend programs are Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

September 10 | Cougs Lead Orientation

Attend orientation from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. in Chinook 150. You and your cohort will get to know each other, both individually and as a group. We will talk about program expectations, time commitments, and answer your questions.  Orientation is also a lot of fun!  We'll enjoy some fun activities together and a couple of meals.

September 12 | Workshop 1: Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is one of many leadership styles. This style is used by many leaders at every level, from large corporations to small clubs. Servant leaders break away from the traditional hierarchy found in many leadership styles.

September 19 | Workshop 2: Time Management

In order to be an effective leader, time management is an invaluable tool! During this workshop, you will learn about various time management techniques to find the best strategy for you.

September 26 | Workshop 3: Effective Communication

Communication is necessary for all aspects of an individual's life. When it comes to leadership, it is not possible to be effective without effective communication. You will learn that not all communication methods are effective and which discover which methods are.

October 3 | Workshop 4: Conflict Management 

Conflict is a common part of life. Although it is most often viewed as a negative, when addressed effectively it can be extremely beneficial.

October 8 | Weekend Programming: Mental Health

During this programming, we will have an honest conversation about mental health. You will leave with a new perspective; changing how they view mental health.

October 10 | Workshop 5: What kind of leader are you?

There are numerous leadership styles found within each society. Not one style is the best.  Rather, each style has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will find a leadership style that feels authentic to you as a leader.

October 15 | Pacific Northwest Student Leadership Conference 

Student Leadership Conference is a unique opportunity to meet student leaders from across the WSU system while discussing the basics of leadership and building on our foundational skills. 

Learn more about Student Leadership Conference.

October 17 | Workshop 6: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Both sides of feedback can be uncomfortable and difficult. In this workshop, you will get to learn and discuss effective feedback techniques.

October 24 | Workshop 7: Life Designing

Thinking like a designer can be a groundbreaking way to think about your life! With this new perspective, you can focus on what really matters to you when establishing short and long-term goals.

November 7 | Workshop 8: Event Planning 101

Most student organizations on campus plan their own events, from catering to room reservations. In this session, we will give you the tools for success that will help you host events for your fellow students to enjoy!

November 12 | Weekend Programming: Perspective

Everyone comes from their own background, some of which come with a privilege within our society. During this weekend program, you will learn how to acknowledge and appreciate others unique experiences.

November 14 | Workshop 9: Facilitation Training

Group exercises can be a phenomenal way to unite those you lead! You will participate in and learn how to facilitate unique group exercises.

November 28 | Workshop 10: Passion

Learn how to bring your values into everything you do. Finding a way to incorporate what you love into your life can be the secret to success!