Cougs Lead

Meet new people outside your major and living groups while developing leadership and personal skills.  Cougs Lead is a free opportunity for first and second-year students. You gain a better understanding of your values, leadership style, and how to lead your own events, programs, or organizations on campus. You also learn about student organizations, off-campus opportunities, and student government. Learn more about the program's workshops and schedule.

Fall Cougs Lead applications are opening soon.  The deadline is September 7, 2023.


(Covered by student fees)

Average Cohort Size



Available to first-year, second-year, and transfer students with less than two years of college credits.


One to three hours per week during the fall semester.

Program Requirements

  • Attend the Welcome Event
  • Complete seven workshops
  • Take part in two campus events
  • Attend Student Leadership Conference
  • Attend the Mental Health Symposium

Program Workshops & Schedule

Please contact our team with questions at

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