Student Quotes & Experiences

Hear from this year's Cougs Lead Ambassadors and their past experience with the program.

CougsLead introduces you to many students, organizations, and inspiring faculty members. It is a great network to be part of and you get to engage in multiple team-building activities. Overall, it taught me that we all have the potential to be leaders in multiple ways. It may even push you outside your comfort zone but the best part is that you would be having too much fun to actually realize.

— Rutuja Sonawane

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? The free food and snacks energize you for the in-workshop activities, especially at the end of a long day.
  • Favorite Workshop? Event Planning of course! Working with Brian was really fun and insightful.

I got involved with Cougs Lead because I wanted to really dive deeper into leadership and find a community of fellow leaders. Cougs Lead went above and beyond in giving me the opportunity to really expand my leadership and skills as a person. People should join Cougs Lead to find an awesome community of fellow leaders and also gain awesome leadership experience and skills.

— Collin Bannister

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? My favorite part is definitely the people, I love the staff and made so many awesome friends.
  • Favorite Workshop? My favorite workshop was probably the opening workshop where we were introduced to our peers in Cougs Lead and did lots of team-building work.

I got involved with Cougs Lead my sophomore year because I had been feeling pretty isolated and purposeless after my freshman year. I came here during Covid and stayed in the dorms, so I had gone through a pretty low point during that time. I learned about Cougs Lead when doing my own research online about more ways to get involved with the people around me. Cougs Lead not only gave me lessons in being a team player and promoting leadership, but they also encouraged me to take that extra step, work that extra hour, and overall have the courage to go above and beyond. I believe anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves should join Cougs Lead. This program was not only rewarding for my own growth but also was a fun way to make more friends and become involved in the community.

— Josie Westmoreland

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? The connections I made!
  • Favorite Workshop? Giving and Receiving Feedback

Anthony, who was my orientation counselor, told us about CougsLead. I'm so glad I joined because it gave me the skills and confidence to get involved in leadership.

— Sophie Kirov

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? Snacks
  • Favorite Workshop? Design your life

I made a lot of friends while there and have learned a lot about myself and the other students at WSU. I think that people should join because it gets you out of your comfort zone and you get to meet like-minded people who easily become your friends.

— Abby Bauer

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? friendships
  • Favorite Workshop? I enjoyed the planning your life workshop the most

I got involved in Cougs lead because I wanted to develop my leadership skills and credentials. I learned good techniques for managing a team, deescalating conflicts and planning events.

— Taylor Meaney

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? The people
  • Favorite Workshop? Event planning 101

I joined Cougs Lead because I wanted to get involved with something and it sounded like something I would like. I enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with all of the other people in Cougs Lead. It's a great way to meet a lot of people and you get to know them pretty well.

— Elizabeth Mitchell

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? Meeting new people
  • Best Workshop? The Communication one

I joined Cougs Lead because I wanted to advance my leadership skills and do something out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad I did! After the first day, I came away with amazing friendships that have lasted beyond that first semester. Our cohort had deep, meaningful discussions on a variety of topics, and I'm grateful for the perspectives that were shared with me in each one. I think people should join if they have even the slightest curiosity or interest. That's what I did, and I loved every moment of it.

— Kate Bethel

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? I loved being able to have fun while making deeper connections with people.
  • Best Workshop? My favorite workshop would have to be orientation because it made me excited to continue the program.

I got involved in Cougs Lead because I wanted to find a group of people to connect with as well as learn how to be more confident in my leadership abilities. I am a shy person, but the Cougs Lead program has helped me come out of my shell. I have learned about my personal leadership styles and how to be a more effective and successful leader.

— Abigail Gooler

  • Favorite thing about Cougs Lead? My favorite thing about the Cougs Lead program is the people that I have met through the program.
  • Favorite Workshop? My favorite workshops were effective communication and inclusive language.